Staff Contact Information

The RDEK maintains offices in Cranbrook and the Columbia Valley.

Office Hours:


Cranbrook 8:30 am – 4:30 pm 

Columbia Valley 8:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Monday through Friday, excluding holidays


Cranbrook Office Columbia Valley Office
19 – 24th Avenue South
Cranbrook BC V1C 3H8
Phone:     250-489-2791
Fax:         250-489-3498
Toll free 1-888-478-7335
4956 Athalmer Road
PO Box 2319
Invermere BC V0A 1K0
Phone:      250-342-0063
Fax:          250-342-0064

General Inquiries:



Lee-Ann Crane, Chief Administrative Officer

Tina Hlushak, Executive Assistant



Loree Duczek, Communications Manager
Rhiannon Chippett, Communications Secretary

Community Services

Shannon Moskal, Manager of Community Services

Jennifer MacDonald, Administrative Assistant
Nikki Bradshaw, T/Community Services Secretary

Michelle Landry, Records Management Technician


Building & Protective Services 

          Cranbrook Office:
Electoral Areas A, B, C & E

          Direct Fax: (250) 489-1287

Sanford Brown, Manager of Building & Protective Services

Brock Smith, Building Inspector 2
Tony Luce, Building Inspector 2

Debbie Pighin, Compliance Officer

Melody Munro, Emergency Services Coordinator

Corinna Penner, Building & Protective Services Secretary


          Columbia Valley Office:

          Electoral Areas F & G
          Telephone  (250) 342-0063

          Direct Fax: (250) 342-0064

Dick Barrett, Office Manager/ Building Inspector 3
John Blakley, Building Inspector 1

Debbie Pighin, Compliance Officer

Leslie Barker, Building & Protective Services Secretary
Rosemary Oaks, Building & Protective Services Secretary



Financial Services 


Shawn Tomlin, Chief Financial Officer
Debbie Renaud, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Darlene Lewis, Accounting / Payroll Clerk
Lori Pesce, Finance Assistant



Human Resources

Lori Engler, Human Resources Manager


Planning & Development Services 
Direct Fax: (250) 489-1287

Karen MacLeod, Acting Manager of Planning & Development Services
Michele Bates, Planner
Kris Belanger , Planner
Jean Terpsma, Planning Technician 1 (Area E, F & G) 

Tracy Van de Wiel, Planning Technician (Areas A, B & C)
Anita Charest, Development Clerk
Heather Herman, Planning Assistant



Engineering Services

          Cranbrook Office:

          Direct Fax (250) 489-1287
          On-call number 250-420-1700 

Brian Funke, Manager of Engineering Services
Elizabeth Ahlgren, Project Supervisor
Jim Maletta, Engineering Technician
Kara Zandbergen, Engineering Technician
Jeff Nicolajsen, GIS Mapping Technician
Shaun Thompson, GIS Mapping Technician
Ed Saffin, Database Technician
Trena Dergousoff, Engineering Secretary


Columbia Valley Office:

          Direct Fax (250) 342-0064
          On-call number 250-342-5712       

Joel Bilodeau, Senior Operator
Ginger Palmer, Operator 2
Paul Oaks, Operator 1
Krista Neufeld, Operator 1 Seasonal


Environmental Services
Cranbrook Office:

          Direct Fax (250) 489-1287
Kevin Paterson, Manager of Environmental Services
Chris Bosman, Recreation and Control Services Supervisor
Jim Penson, Solid Waste Superintendent
Pat Botterill, Chargehand
Dave Berger, Operations Maintenance Worker  
Lionel Parent, Operations Maintenance Worker  
Lisa Tristram, Operations Maintenance Worker- Seasonal  
Lynne Newhouse, Environmental Services Secretary
Loree Duczek, Communications Manager
Pat Wray, Recreation & Control Services Assistant Seasonal


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