Elko Fire

It was an exciting day Saturday as the Elko Fire Service was officially launched.  The ribbon cutting event included an “inaugural” radio call by Fire Dispatch to welcome Elko aboard.

A big thank you to the community champions, Canfor, BC Hydro, the Jaffray and Baynes Lake Fire Departments, Chief Boreen, Deputy Chief Hockley, Area B Director Stan Doehle and former Area B Director Heath Slee, RDEK staff and others who have worked or contributed to making the service possible.  We owe our sincere thanks to the amazing firefighters in Elko who have stepped forward. Without them there would be no service.

A couple of important things to keep in mind as the Fire Service begins:

  • If you live in the Elko Fire Protection Service area, you can call 911 for fires. Click here to view the map. The Fire Department cannot respond to house fires outside the Fire Protection Service area boundary.
  • First Responder service is not yet available in Elko.  The firefighters are currently training and we will advise the community once the department receives First Responder status.
  • The Fire Department will now have to undergo “grading” by the Fire Underwriters Survey. This step can’t happen until a fire service is operating, and we can’t provide any letters or notification regarding the fire protection service for purposes of home insurance until this grading is complete.  We hope to have it completed within the next few months and will continue to keep the community informed.  

If you have questions about the new fire service, please contact South Country Fire Services at 250-429-3133 or email dboreen@rdek.bc.ca.


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