Possible Fire Service Expansion (Wardner, Bull River, Mayook)

The RDEK is urging residents of Wardner, Bull River and Mayook to attend an important Open House and community dinner April 5 to provide feedback on whether they would like to see a fire service expanded into their area.

We have had many inquiries from residents asking for some kind of fire protection service in that area but we need to hear from the wider community about whether this is something they would be interested in the RDEK pursuing.  This meeting is the first step and we would really like to see a strong turnout.

If there is support from the community, the RDEK would consider expanding the current Jaffray Fire Protection Service to cover Wardner and portions of Mayook and Bull River. Our preliminary analysis shows expanding our existing service in Jaffray is the most economical and feasible option to provide fire protection service to the Wardner area residences.

We will have maps of where we could physically provide service and we need to hear from people about whether or not they would be interested in us looking into it further.

Open House and Community Dinner

April 5, 2017 - Wardner Community Hall

Open House: 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Community Dinner: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

The Open House will be informal. People can come and go and there will be staff on hand to answer questions and gather feedback. 

At 6:00 pm, we will have a beef on a bun dinner and there will be some more formal presentations.

Right now we need to know if the community is interested in us looking into this concept
and, if yes, what the potential boundary would be.

You will be providing us with those two pieces of the puzzle in April.
That’s what this Open House and dinner in April is about.

Next Steps:

The Open House and Community Dinner are the first step.

Staff will take the information from this meeting along with an open comment period in April to determine whether there is sufficient interest in moving forward with a detailed analysis for an expanded fire service. If there is, there will be a second public meeting in mid-May which will include specifics on the proposed boundary, structure of the service, costs, and the elector assent process.


Sanford Brown

RDEK Manager of Building & Protective Services

250-489-2791 or 1-888-478-7335

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