Elko Water System

Elko Water System

IMPORTANT UPDATE (Feb 9.18):  RDEK operators restored the Elko community water system to normal operating pressures this afternoon after yesterday’s power outage and subsequent equipment failure.  More repair work is needed to restore the system to full functionality, and that work will be undertaken throughout the coming week.  As part of these repairs, another interruption in water service is expected later next week for Elko, and the community will be advised in advance once a firm schedule is determined.  The RDEK will continue monitoring the system and has operators on stand-by should another failure occur in the mean time.


The community of Elko receives raw water from a single well located near the pump house. The well is located in a confined aquifer. Water is fed directly to the distribution system using a 30 horsepower submersible well pump. Because there is no storage reservoir in Elko, the water system relies solely on the continuous operation of the 67 meter well to keep up with demand.

RDEK operators are on site 2 to 3 times per week to ensure proper operation and perform bacteriological sampling monthly as required. The pump house is also outfitted with automatic alarm dialers to alert staff when regular functions are compromised.

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