Windermere Water Upgrade Project Background


The Windermere Water System has been under a Water Quality Advisory since 2006.  Over the last number of years (see Project Timeline below), there have been a number of discussions on different options to provide treated water to the community.

Current Status

  •    $1.2 million in Community Works funding has been approved by the RDEK Board of Directors. The approved funds are equivalent to the cost of the building purchase
  •    An application has been submitted for a $6,000,000 grant through the Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund. Unfortunately, we do not expect to know if our application is successful until after the elector assent process on this project
  •    Staff continues to compile questions from the community to be answered at the public information meeting and through a Q&A document.  If you have questions about the project and how it may impact you, please send them to Elizabeth Ahlgren, Project Supervisor
       at so that the Q&A document contains the information you need.

Key Milestones:

At their October 2016 meeting, the RDEK Board recommended that the option to purchase Parr Utilities to provide treated water for the Windermere Community Water System Service Area be pursued and the impact to the both Windermere and existing Parr customers be assessed.

Since then, key milestones have been identified and work is underway to compile all the information necessary to present the complete picture to the community and RDEK Board.

• Due Diligence on evaluating Parr assets and purchase price - COMPLETE
• Assessment of service area configuration options - COMPLETE
• Assessment of financial impact to customers - COMPLETE
• Communication
• Elector Assent

Current Newsletters:

Project Timeline:

Here are some highlights from what’s happened every year since 2011 when the option to purchase bulk water from Parr Utilities was turned down by the community.



2016 Update Options report and meet with community to review remaining options.  RDEK Board supported pursuing purchase of Parr Utilities and assessing impact to both Windermere and existing Parr customers.
2015 Reservoir & secondary chlorination construction
2014 An assessment of the Parr Utilities infrastructure was initiated early in the year.  Wells, as a community water source, were also investigated more closely.
2012-2013 Community Consultation and assessment of all options
2011 Community referendum to purchase bulk water from Parr; defeated in June


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