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September 5, 2017: Due to restrictions on back country access we have implemented the following restrictions at our Transfer sites in an attempt to reduce fire risk:

We have also closed the marshalling areas at Tie Lake, Wasa and Canal Flats Transfer Stations.  The marshalling areas are the places where people put clean wood waste and metal etc. The Transfer Stations themselves are open but to just put garbage in the bins.

As of August 15, 2017, The Regional District of East Kootenay will no longer take propane bottles without having the valves removed first.  The propane bottles without valves will then be considered as clean metal and be placed in the metal bin.

As of December 1, 2016, the RDEK will no longer be accepting clean fill or concrete at the Old Kimberley Landfill. We will only be accepting contractor’s clean fill and concrete at the Central Subregion Landfill with a tipping fee of $40/tonne.
For more information regarding this change, please contact Jim Penson, AScT, Solid Waste Superintendent, (250) 489-2791 or (250)421-3478

The RDEK operates 5 urban transfer stations, 15 rural transfer stations and 2 landfills.

In 2013, we buried 43,214 MT of garbage and diverted over 12,000 metric tonnes of ashphalt shingles, land clearing waste, clean wood waste, scrap metal and yard and garden waste.

In the RDEK, we have a strong focus on recycling.  We have a yellow bin recycling program with over 600 yellow bins out across the East Kootenay for the collection of recyclables. In 2013 we processed just over 5475 metric tonnes of recyclables.  In addition to the RDEK's yellow bin program, there are a number of provincial recycling programs, known as Provincial Extended Producer Programs.

To learn more about our recycling program, the provincial extended producer programs (like oil, tires, batteries and electronics), or to get the hours of operation for specific transfer stations or landfills, visit the links from the menu on the left.

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