Jaffray & Elko Area Official Community Plan Planning Process


Welcome to the source for information regarding the Jaffray and Elko Area Official Community Plan (OCP) planning process.

The RDEK Board has identified land use planning for the Jaffray, Tie Lake, Rosen Lake, Galloway and Elko areas as a priority project for 2015 and 2016.  The Jaffray, Tie Lake and Rosen Lake areas are currently covered by a Land Use Bylaw that was adopted in 1999.  The Galloway and Elko areas are currently unzoned and not covered by an OCP or zoning bylaw. The Provincial Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) regulates land within the ALR within both the Land Use Bylaw and unzoned areas. 

Over the past few years the plan area has seen an increase in development pressure. With this increased pressure members of the community have expressed their desire for a planning process within the area. The intent of the process would be to develop a long term vision for land use preservation and change and establish land use regulations in the form of zoning to assist with implementing that vision.

Advisory Group

Twelve community members have been appointed to represent a broad range of interests and community representation (geographic and affiliation).  The members of the Advisory Group are:

Nathan Anselmo     Keith McLean
Shaun Damstrom   Gary Mitchell
Travis Fahselt         Roy Oler
Bruce Gilmar          Fred Robertson
Marla Jones           Lorie Sinclair
Rex Kary                Shayne Webster

The Advisory Group’s role is to provide advice and feedback to RDEK staff and the Area Director and act as a liaison with the community throughout the planning process.  They are tasked with identifying key issues that should be addressed in the OCP and to provide advice on the development of land use policies.  The Advisory Group will be acting in an advisory capacity only.  The group does not have decision making authority.

Advisory Group Minutes


Open Houses to present the draft Official Community Plan & Zoning Bylaw were held on April 13, 2017 in Jaffray and April 18, 2017 in Elko.  We have prepared a 20-minute on-demand webinar summarizing the staff presentations from the Open Houses, click here.


The public comment period on the first draft of the OCP and Zoning Bylaw has now closed.

Draft Zoning Bylaw

The draft South Country Zoning & Floodplain Management Bylaw is presented for your review and feedback.  The draft Zoning Bylaw is proposed to cover the same area as the Jaffray & Elko Area OCP as well as the existing areas to the south.  The draft map schedules for the area under current consideration as part of the Jaffray & Elko OCP Planning Process are available below.

Draft South Country Zoning & Floodplain Management Bylaw

Zoning Bylaw Map Schedules

Draft Official Community Plan

The draft Jaffray & Elko Area OCP is presented for your review and feedback.  The OCP provides direction to future decision making about land uses within the OCP area.  The OCP contains both a text portion and map schedules. 

Draft Jaffray & Elko Area OCP

OCP Map Schedules

Lake Management

A separate information package has been prepared on Lake Management for Tie Lake and Rosen Lake.  The development of the Lakes Management Policy Schedule and consideration of water zoning were unique to this OCP process.  As part of the review period the RDEK is specifically seeking direction on whether or not to proceed with water zoning for Tie Lake and Rosen Lake.  An information package on Lake Management was available for pick up at the two Open Houses.  The components of the information package are available below:

Tie Lake & Rosen Lake Management Comment Form (PDF)

Tie Lake & Rosen Lake Management Comment Form (Online via Survey Monkey)

Additional Information

Next Steps

It is anticipated that a revised second draft of the OCP and Zoning Bylaw with the new boundary will be presented to the community later in the summer.

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Contact Information

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Phone: 250-489-0313
Toll free 1-888-478-7335
Fax: 250-489-1287

Stan Doehle, Electoral Area B Director

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