Jaffray & Elko Area Official Community Plan Planning Process

The RDEK has been working on the Jaffray & Elko Area Official Community Plan (OCP) planning process since September 2015.  The goals of the process were to update the land use policy and zoning regulations in the Jaffray, Tie Lake, Rosen Lake Land Use Bylaw and introduce land use policy and zoning for the Galloway and Elko areas.   We have been working with an Advisory Group and community members to work towards these goals.   Over the last two years, the RDEK has hosted community planning workshops and open houses, met with stakeholders and held Advisory Group meetings.  Each of these activities has worked towards gaining an understanding of the community’s vision for the future.
A draft Jaffray & Elko Area OCP and zoning regulations were presented to the community in April 2017.  The community was requested to review the two documents and consider whether or not they reflected their vision of the future.  In consideration of the feedback received in July 2017, a decision was made by the RDEK Board of Directors to change the scope of the process to exclude the communities of Galloway and Elko.   The exclusion will also include the Burton Lake and Silver Springs areas to the east of Jaffray. 
Following the decision to change the scope of the process, the RDEK will now be moving ahead with making changes to the draft OCP and zoning bylaw for the remaining areas in consideration of the other feedback received.  A revised OCP and updated zoning regulations and mapping will be prepared and presented to the community in September.  The amended plan area will be reflected in these documents.

Revised OCP plan area - August 2017

Advisory Group Meeting

The final advisory group  meeting will be held on October 23rd to discuss the feedback received on the drafts presented in September and the bylaw process.  

Monday, October 23, 2017
7:00 to 9:00 pm

Jaffray Community Hall

Open House

An open house to present the revised drafts was held on:

Monday, September 18, 2017
Jaffray Community Hall

7:00 to 9:00 pm

Presentation by RDEK staff at 7:30 pm.

The open house will provided an opportunity to learn about the changes to the draft documents, ask RDEK staff or Director Stan Doehle questions, and pick up copies of the revised documents.  All open house materials are now posted on the RDEK website.

Revised OCP & Zoning Bylaw

Revisions to the draft documents presented in April have now been completed.  The revised documents available below were presented at the Open House.  Paper copies of the text for the OCP and Zoning Bylaw will be available for pick up at the Open House.  Comments and feedback on the revised drafts are requested to be submitted to the RDEK by October 21, 2017.

Jaffray & Area OCP

The link below includes the draft bylaw, Schedule A (background, goals and policies) and Schedule I, Tie & Rosen Lakes Management Policy.

OCP text

Revised South Country Zoning & Floodplain Management Bylaw                

Zoning Bylaw

The maps schedules for the revised OCP and Zoning Bylaw can be accessed via the link below:

OCP & Zoning Bylaw Map Schedules

September 18th Open House materials:

Open House Posters

Open House Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

Advisory Group

Twelve community members have been appointed to represent a broad range of interests and community representation (geographic and affiliation).  The current members of the Advisory Group are:

 Keith McLean         Shayne Webster
Shaun Damstrom   Gary Mitchell
Travis Fahselt         Roy Oler
Bruce Gilmar          Fred Robertson
Marla Jones            Lorie Sinclair
Rex Kary               

The Advisory Group’s role is to provide advice and feedback to RDEK staff and the Area Director and act as a liaison with the community throughout the planning process.  They are tasked with identifying key issues that should be addressed in the OCP and to provide advice on the development of land use policies.  The Advisory Group will be acting in an advisory capacity only.  The group does not have decision making authority.

Advisory Group Minutes

Important Links

Contact Information

Karen MacLeod, Planner
Phone: 250-489-0313
Toll free 1-888-478-7335
Fax: 250-489-1287

Stan Doehle, Electoral Area B Director

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