Kimberley Rural Official Community Plan Review

The existing Kimberley Rural OCP was adopted in 2006.  Regional District OCP’s are intended to provide guidance on land development for a five to fifteen year period after which time updates to reflect existing conditions are likely warranted.

Your involvement in this OCP Review process is important!

Official Community Plan

An Official Community Plan is a long term, strategic planning document. It contains objectives and policy statements that provide direction and guide decision making for local government with respect to land use preservation or change.

The review of the Official Community Plan will be an opportunity to:

  • identify a collective vision for the future of the community;
  • update/review existing land use planning principles and other development criteria to guide and direct future private development;
  • replace outdated policies.

Introductory Meeting

An introductory meeting was held on October 21, 2015 with approximately 40 people in attendance. 

Topics covered at the meeting included an introduction to OCPs, an overview of the expected planning process and a discussion of the intended outcomes.  Attendants were asked to participate in two “hands-on” activities with the goal of sharing their vision of the future of their community and identifying important topics that should be addressed in the plan.

Visioning Meeting

A Visioning Meeting was held on February 24, 2016 with approximately 44 people in attendance. The workshop began with a brief review of the information received to date, survey results and the objectives of the planning process.  Those in attendance were asked to participate in two hands-on activities related to where opportunities for conservation or development could occur as well as offering their perspective on existing and potential policies within the Kimberley Rural OCP.   Thank you to all those who attended!

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Open House

An Open House was held on November 29th, with approximately 35 people in attendance.  Those in attendance had the opportunity to review the draft Kimberley Rural OCP policies and map schedules and discuss the policies with staff and Area E Director, Jane Walter. 
Participants were also asked for their input on two proposed policies that could be included in the OCP.  The first was regarding Form and Character Development Permits for Commercial, Industrial or Multi-family development and the second was whether they would support detached secondary suites within the plan area. 
Your input is valuable!  If you would like to comment on the draft OCP policies or provide input regarding the proposed Form and Character Development Permits and proposed inclusion of detached secondary suites within the plan area, please forward your comments to the Regional District, Attn: Michele Bates or contact:

Michele Bates, Planner
Regional District of East Kootenay
19 – 24th Avenue South
Cranbrook BC   V1C 3H8
Phone: 250-489-2791 Toll free 1-888-478-7335
Fax: 250-489-1287

The comment period is open until January 11th, 2017. Your attendance at the public meetings and participation in the planning process is appreciated! 

OCP Schedules:               

Schedule B – Plan Area and Subareas
Schedule C – Agricultural Land Reserve
Schedule D – Land Use Overview
Schedule D1 – Land Use – St Mary Lake West
Schedule D2 – Land Use – St Mary Lake East
Schedule D3 – Land Use – Porteous Road/Lone Pine
Schedule D4 – Land Use – Meadowbrook
Schedule D5 – Land Use – Wood’s Corner
Schedule E1 – Development Permit #2 – ESA – St Mary Lake West
Schedule E2 – Development Permit #2 – ESA – St Mary Lake East      
Schedule E3 – Development Permit #2 – ESA – St Mary Lake
Schedule E4 – Development Permit #2 – ESA – Porteous Road/Lone Pine
Schedule E5 – Development Permit #2 – ESA – Meadowbrook
Schedule E6 – Development Permit #2 – ESA – Wood’s Corner
Schedule F – Flood Hazard
Schedule G – Slope Analysis

Schedule H – Interface Fire Hazard
Schedule I – Ungulate Winter Range
Schedule J – Badger Habitat
Schedule K – Development Permit #3 – St Mary Shoreline

Planning Process

Board Authorization August 2015
Newsletter 1/Questionnaire September 2015
Introductory Meeting October 2015
Newsletter 2 January 2016
Visioning Workshop February 24, 2016
OCP Drafting Spring - Summer 2016
Newsletter 3 August 2016
Open House Draft Presentation November 29th
Comment Period January 11, 2017
Draft Revisions Fall 2016
Final OCP Adoption Winter

Contact Information

Michele Bates, Planner
Regional District of East Kootenay
Cranbrook, BC V1C 3H8
Phone: 888-478-7335 or 250-489-2791

Jane Walter, Area E Director
Phone: 250-427-2577

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