Moyie & Area OCP & Electoral Area C South Zoning Bylaw

Welcome to the source for information regarding the Moyie Official Community Plan and Electoral Area C South Zoning Bylaw planning process.

The goals of the planning process:

  • update the existing land use policies with an Official Community Plan (OCP)
  • consolidate the existing land use regulations with the Cranbrook Rural Zoning bylaw to create one zoning bylaw for Electoral Area C South

How is the OCP different from the existing land use bylaw?

  • Policy in the proposed OCP will be more expansive.
  • The current land use bylaw was adopted in 2008.  The proposed OCP will recognize current issues and opportunities.

Why update the land use bylaw now?

  • This planning process is an opportunity to create one zoning bylaw for the majority of Electoral Area C.
  • Updating the existing land use bylaw is an opportunity to bring definitions and regulations into conformity with newer Regional District bylaws.

Please note that properties’ land use designations will not change.  For example, if your property is currently designated RR-60 (Rural Resource) in the Moyie & Area Land Use Bylaw, it will be designated RR-60 (Rural Resource) in the proposed Electoral Area C South Zoning Bylaw.

Your attendance at the public meetings and involvement in the planning process is appreciated!  Your participation helps shape the OCP policies and is essential to developing a vision for the future of your community!

Introductory Meeting

An introductory meeting was held on June 15th, 2017 with approximately 65 people in attendance.
Topics covered at the meeting included an introduction to OCPs, an overview of the expected planning process and a discussion of the intended outcomes.  Attendants were asked to participate in two “hands-on” activities with the goal of sharing their vision of the future of their community and identifying important topics that should be addressed in the plan.
A volunteer Advisory Group consisting of seven members will be established to assist in the development of the OCP and zoning bylaw.  If you are interested in participating in the Advisory Group, please review the Terms of Reference and complete the Advisory Group Volunteer Application form and return it to the RDEK.   Deadline for applications is July 7, 2017.


A questionnaire intended to provide Moyie and area residents with an initial opportunity to express their views on key land use issues was mailed to all property owners in the plan area with a deadline for responses of July 7th, 2017.

To view the questionnaire:


Download: Moyie OCP Survey

Eighty-two surveys were received with 79% of the responses from the Moyie Lake and Moyie Townsite areas.  The percentage of year round versus seasonal/temporary residents who responded was 48% versus 52%.  Of the eighty-two surveys received, 55% of the respondents have owned their property for over 20 years.  A summary of the survey results and information received from those in attendance at the Community Planning Workshop will be available following the meeting on November 22nd.

Advisory Group

The Regional District Board of Directors has appointed Harvey Bombardier, Brian Conrad, Murray Evenson, Joan Poweska, Alec Rogers and Steve Rogers to the Advisory Group. The first meeting of the Advisory Group was held on October 19, 2017.  The role of the Advisory Group is to provide feedback to RDEK staff and the Area Director and act as a liaison with the public throughout the development of the Moyie and Area Official Community Plan.

Community Planning Workshop

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017
7:00pm to 9:00 pm
Moyie Community Hall

Once again, we had a great turnout with over 60 people in attendance!  The workshop began with a presentation from RDEK staff to provide an overview of the introductory meeting and information received to date, survey results and the objectives of the planning process.  Those in attendance worked together on mapping activities related to residential development, commercial development, agriculture, environmental issues and recreational opportunities.  Examples of policies that could be included in the draft Official Community Plan were provided for residents to voice either their support or opposition and to provide comments.

If you were not able to attend you still have the opportunity to provide feedback!  The staff presentation, mapping activities and proposed policies are provided below for your review and comment.  If you have questions about the process or would like to contribute your ideas/thoughts, contact Michele Bates at or 250-489-2791 or 1-888-478-7335.

Map of Plan Area

Community Planning Meeting Presentation

Policy Assessment Posters

Location Maps:

Planning Process Highlights

Board Authorization April 2017
Newsletter #1/Introductory Meeting/Questionnaire June 2017
Land Use Survey/Issue Identification April - August 2018
Newsletter #2/Workshops November 2017
Preparation of draft bylaws December 2017 - February 2018
Community Engagement/Newsletter #3 December 2017 - February 2018
Open House/Draft Presentation March 2018
Draft Revisions Spring/Summer 2018
Newsletter #4 Summer 2018
Formal Bylaw Adoption Process Summer/Fall 2018


Questions? Require further information, please contact:

Michele Bates, Planner
Phone: 250-489-2791
Toll free 1-888-478-7335
Fax: 250-489-1287

Director Rob Gay

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