Wasa and Area Official Community Plan Environmentally Sensitive Development Permits

The Regional District is proposing to implement Environmentally Sensitive Area Development Permits in the Wasa and Area Official Community Plan.  The plan area includes the Sheep Creek, Skookumchuck, Moan Road, Lazy Lake, Ta Ta Creek and Wasa area.


An Open House was held on Wednesday, March 21st at the Wasa Community Hall with approximately 75 people in attendance.  The Open House was an opportunity to view the amending bylaw and provide comments on the proposed amendment.  Staff presented an overview of the planning process, mapping of the ESA areas and background on the mapping methodology.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, feedback can be provided via comment form, email, telephone or a meeting with RDEK staff.

Comment Form
The comment period is open until Monday April 23rd.  



Following the Comment Period, the bylaw will be presented to the RDEK Board of Directors.  The Board can choose to give the bylaws 1st and 2nd reading and authorize a public hearing or defeat the bylaw. 

A Public Hearing is a formal meeting held for the purpose of allowing the public an opportunity to voice their support or opposition to the bylaws, in person at the public hearing or by written submission.  Once the public hearing concludes, no further information or submissions can be considered by the RDEK Board. The public hearing will be advertised in local newspapers as well as on our website Public Hearings & Meeting page.

For More Information Contact:

Michele Bates

Jane Walter
Director Electoral Area E

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