Cherry Creek Falls Regional Park Officially Opened

Cherry Creek Falls Regional Park Officially Opened

Over 100 people attended the official opening of the Cherry Creek Falls Regional Park over the weekend.

“It was wonderful to see so many people come out to celebrate. The number of people who came out to mark the grand opening speaks to how much this landmark is treasured,” says Electoral Area E Director Jane Walter.
The evolution of the park from a landmark known and used by locals to a protected regional park occurred over a five year period and involved the community and all levels of government. In April 2011, an application was submitted to the Province to build a rock quarry adjacent to the Falls spurring a group of local residents to see what they could do to save the site and see it protected. This led to the formation of the Meadowbrook Community Association and lobbying of provincial and local politicians.  The RDEK expressed its opposition to the proposed quarry and its willingness to create a day-use only park at Cherry Creek Falls provided the Association could convince the mineral tenure holder to forfeit the claim and the Province to prohibit mining on the entire tenure. 

The Community Association Board raised the required $55,000 and on April 5, 2013, was informed that the tenure holder had forfeited the claim and that future mining had been prohibited on the 400+ acres. The RDEK applied to the Province for a license to create an Area E Park on approximately 40 acres and a permit for a parking lot.     "Community action ensured that this special place would not become a rock quarry and instead would continue to be enjoyed by future generations,” says Meadowbrook Community Association President, Bob Johnstone. “Thank you to everyone whose support and effort made Cherry Creek Falls Park a reality."

Over the past two years, RDEK staff have completed a number of projects at the site including the installation of a safe walkway to the Falls, safety fencing, removal of danger trees, parking lot upgrades, installation of benches and picnic tables, trail maintenance, and new signage. 

“This park represents what can happen when we come together and work together. Thanks to the efforts of so many in the community, local and Provincial governments, Cherry Creek Park will continue to be a sparkling jewel in our region and that is truly something to celebrate,” adds Walter.

The grand opening of Cherry Creek Falls Regional Park was held on Sunday, June 12 at the Falls.