Electoral Area E Volunteer of the Year Recognized

Naomi Miller was officially recognized as the 2017 Electoral Area E Volunteer of the Year at a Town Hall Meeting Tuesday night.

Miller has been a volunteer in the Wasa area for over 35 years. “It is difficult to summarize Naomi’s contributions to our community and to preserving our history,” says Area E Director Jane Walter. “Even now in her 90th year, she gives in so many ways.”

She has worked tirelessly rejuvenating the Fort Steele Graveyard with a committee she organized and works with; is a member of the Wasa Historical Society; and, is a member of the Wasa Memorial Garden. In addition, she is a key part of the Arm Chair Travellers, a group that meets monthly to share photos and stories of their travels. She has written several books on our area and spends countless hours researching, recording and writing articles of historical interest for her “History Bytes” column in the local Tri-Village Buzz Newsletter every month. Miller’s interest in history extends well beyond her community. She donated many hours volunteering for the BC History Magazine, now called BC Historical News, and served as Editor.   

“Her interest in preserving the history of people, places and events in our area and right across our Province is impressive and will leave a legacy for future generations,” adds Walter.

Miller was presented with a small gift during the Volunteer of the Year ceremony, which was held in conjunction with the Area E Town Hall Meeting in Wasa.   Following the Volunteer of the Year portion of the evening, RDEK staff provided updates on a range of topics including the local Mosquito Control Program, Five-Year Financial Plan, and Planning Initiatives.  The RCMP also attended to provide an update