Fire at Columbia Valley Landfill Quickly Extinguished

 A small fire at the Columbia Valley Landfill Thursday afternoon was quickly actioned by staff and the Windermere Fire Department.

“A fire broke out at about 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon in a fresh load from the Brisco area. Landfill staff immediately contacted the local fire department and implemented our Landfill Fire Response Plan,” says RDEK Solid Waste Superintendent Jim Penson. “The fire was isolated to a small area of new garbage being packed on the face.  Staff was able to remove the burning waste along with a larger section around it and relocate it to a flat open area.  The waste was hosed down as it was removed and again as it was placed in the secondary location.”

The fire department responded with two trucks and stayed on site throughout the mop up.

“While there was smoke initially, the staff and emergency responders did an exceptional job of isolating the fire, removing it from the working face of the landfill and extinguishing it immediately,” adds Penson.  The active fire was suppressed within an hour and staff remained on site until 8:00 PM monitoring the pile and completing the mop up.