Galloway Mill Fire Prompts Multi-Department Response

Crews from both the Jaffray and Baynes Lake Fire Departments responded to an early morning fire at the Galloway Mill this morning. 

“We got the call just before 7:00am and nine firefighters responded,” says Fire Chief Dave Boreen. “The fire was in the Control Room for the Kiln and caused extensive damage to both the structure and the computers and other equipment within the Control Room.”

Crews quickly managed to get the fire under control and will remain on scene for much of the day today mopping up hot spots.

There were no injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

The fire will impact another event scheduled for this morning in Elko.  An Equipment Expo was scheduled to start at 9:30am featuring some of the trucks and equipment of the department. “We will not be able to have the full Equipment Expo this morning, but we do have one truck leaving the scene here in Galloway and headed to Elko and will still be holding the information session and presentations, so hope to see a good turnout in Elko,” explains Boreen.

The event in Expo is part of the Elko Fire Recruitment Drive. It begins at 9:30am at the Elko Community Hall.