Jaffray Area OCP and South Country Zoning Bylaw Will Not Proceed

Following the public hearing on the Jaffray Area Official Community Plan (OCP) and the amended South Country Zoning Bylaw, the RDEK Board of Directors has voted not to proceed with the adoption of the Bylaws.

“The public hearing is the final opportunity for the public to share its opinions on the OCP and Zoning Bylaw. We have said all along that we are here to listen; and, while I believe the plan presented was a good one, it is clear from the feedback we received leading up to, and during the hearing, the proposed bylaws were not supported,” explains Electoral Area B Director Stan Doehle. “This process has been a challenging one as there are many differing viewpoints and perspectives. Unfortunately, there have been deep divisions created. My goal in asking for the Board’s support to not adopt the bylaws is that this will be the first step in bringing people back together and allowing the community to heal.”

The Jaffray Area Planning Process began in September 2015 and has involved extensive community consultation. “I want to extend my sincere thanks to the advisory committee that has devoted so many hours to this process and to the RDEK staff who have worked incredibly hard on the Plan.  I am very proud of the work that went into the process over the past two years.”

The public hearing was held in late November in Jaffray and over 150 people attended. “I believe we are making the right decision to hold off on proceeding any further at this time.”

The Jaffray area remains covered by the zoning regulations and land use policies contained in Bylaw No. 1414, which was adopted in 1999.