New Official Community Plan Process Set to Begin for Windermere Area

Work will soon begin on a new planning process for the Windermere area.
“The Board has authorized staff to proceed with a review and update of the Lake Windermere Official Community Plan (OCP),” explains RDEK Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth.  “Land uses change over time and the current Lake Windermere OCP was adopted in 2008.  This new planning process will ensure we have an OCP that is based on current information and reflects the community’s vision for the future.”
As part of the planning process, the RDEK is hoping to appoint a public advisory group. “The Advisory Group will work closely with Director Booth and our staff throughout the process,” says Planner Kris Belanger. “In addition to the Advisory Group, we are hoping to see strong engagement from residents and property owners.  The goal of reviewing and updating the OCP is to ensure it reflects the community’s vision and we need to have the community’s participation to make sure that happens.”  The recruitment for the Advisory Group and the first public engagement opportunities are expected to begin in May.
The planning process is expected to take between 18 and 24 months to complete. “I encourage residents to get involved and be engaged every step of the way,” adds Booth.
The OCP covers a wide geographic area including Windermere, rural Invermere, Westside Road to Rushmere and the east side of the Lake from Windermere to Akisqnuk.
An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a long term strategic planning document that reflects the community’s vision for the future while providing a policy framework to promote greater certainty in land use decision making by the Regional District Board.
More information about the Windermere OCP planning process will be available on the RDEK’s website at in the near future.