NO WAKE Zone Requested for Tie Lake

With continued high water at Tie Lake and expected warming trends, the RDEK is making a plea to boaters to obey a voluntary no-wake zone on the lake until the water has dropped to a more seasonal level.

“We know Tie Lake is often the first lake people head to in early spring as it traditionally has warmer temperatures for the early spring rides; however, the water is still extremely high and the dam remains at risk, especially if heavy waves start pounding the shoreline and sandbag berm,” explains RDEK Electoral Area B Stan Doehle. “Beyond the infrastructure, there are sensitive shoreline habitats and nesting grounds along with properties that could sustain damage.”

The RDEK does not have the jurisdiction to implement or enforce a no-wake or boat ban, so is appealing to boaters to abide by the voluntary request.  “We recognize people want to get out and recreate; however, we also know they love the lake and are hoping that they will respect the short-term no wake zone to minimize the long term risk,” adds Doehle. The request would be for all boats to maintain speeds slow enough so as not to create a wake.

The RDEK sandbagged and then added additional reinforcement to the Tie Lake Dam several weeks ago as the water through the spillway was above capacity and there is a risk of erosion undermining the dam leading to its failure.

They continue to closely monitor the lake level, which peaked at 16” through the weir a few days ago.  The level has been dropping slowly; however, remains at 14”, which is well above seasonal norms.

For more information, call 1-250-489-2791.