West Fernie Petition Official Results Released

The official results of the West Fernie Servicing and Restructure petition have been released and the project has received the required support to proceed.

The official results of the petition are:

  • Petitions accepted:  132 (56%)
  • Assessed value of accepted petitions:  $35,098,673 (54%)

“This is an exciting step for West Fernie and we wouldn’t be where we are without the hard work of a number of different people,” says Area A Director Mike Sosnowski. “I would like to thank the Honourable Coralee Oakes Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Kootenay East MLA Bill Bennett for their support of this project. The transitional funding from the Province was key.  I would also like to acknowledge the City of Fernie staff and extend a special thanks to the RDEK staff who have worked for years on this project. Finally, I want to thank the community for its involvement – from participating in meetings to neighbours talking to neighbours about the need for new infrastructure in West Fernie.”

The successful petition is the first step.  The next major step before the project can move forward is support of the City of Fernie residents and Council for the restructure (boundary extension). The City of Fernie is expected to initiate a process to obtain that approval in the coming weeks.  If that process is successful, the RDEK will move to design and tender for Phase 1 and then construction. 

“Over the past few months I also heard the concerns that were brought forward,” adds Sosnowski. “As this project moves ahead, we will work to address as many of those concerns as possible and will continue to keep open lines of communication with the community.”