Windermere Water and East Side Water Service Establishment Bylaws Adopted

On the heels of two successful referendums in late October, the RDEK Board of Directors has formally adopted the required bylaws to officially purchase Parr Utilities and move forward with connecting the Windermere Water System.

“The successful referendums were a huge milestone for the community and now the work begins on the next steps in the process,” says RDEK Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth.

The purchase agreement between the RDEK and Windermere Water and Sewer Company for the purchase of Parr Utilities has a closing date of May 31, 2018.  “We are still working on a number of approvals and other details prior to taking over operation of the water system, including an ALR application for subdivision and approval from the Comptroller of Water Rights,” says RDEK Engineering Services Manager Brian Funke.

Another key step in the process will be the design and construction tender. The RDEK hopes engage an engineer this winter.

“This is a huge project and there are so many pieces in the puzzle,” adds Funke. “As a project team, we will be putting together a plan and we will be communicating with the community every step of the way.” 

The voter turnout for the October referendums was approximately 35%, with 77% voting in favour in the Windermere Water Upgrade referendum and 81% of voters in support in East Side Lake Windermere Water vote. The first ballot was for customers in the Windermere Water Service Area regarding borrowing for the purchase of the water treatment plant. The second ballot related to the establishment of a new water service area that includes Windermere, Timber Ridge and the existing Parr customers.

The Windermere Water System has been under a Water Quality Advisory since 2006.