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Established in the mid-1960’s, regional districts were created to meet service needs for the rural areas and to partner with municipalities within their boundaries on the provision of services that are more regional in nature.

Simply put, we are a partnership of municipalities and electoral areas who work together through the RDEK to provide and coordinate services.

We have three general areas of responsibility:

  • Provision of services
  • Protection of health and safety of citizens
  • Protection of the environment

We offer over 100 services, ranging from very small service areas (in a rural community, for example) to services for the entire region.  Some of the services we provide include: land use planning, water supply, sewage disposal, fire protection, recreation, mosquito control, street lighting, community parks, emergency management programs, solid waste and recycling, transit, 9-1-1, library grants, regional parks, and invasive plant control.

Our total population is 60,439 – and the breakdown, based on 2016 census, is as follows:

  • Rural Areas - 15,896
  • Municipalities - 43,839
  • First Nations - 704

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