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Board of Directors

The Board is the governing body, responsible for setting a vision, developing strategies to achieve the vision, and formulating policies.  The Board is responsible for the services provided, and actions taken by, the corporation. The Chief Administrative Officer implements the Board’s policies and decisions, and handles all operations.

The RDEK Board is comprised of 6 electoral area directors and 9 municipal directors. Electoral area directors are elected to the Board by the electors in the areas they represent. The directors representing the municipalities are appointed by their respective Councils.  The Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually by the Board.

We meet once per month, generally on the first Friday of the month. The meetings are held in the RDEK Board Room (19 24th Ave S, Cranbrook) and start at 9:00am.  The Thursday immediately before the Board Meeting, we have Committee Meetings. The Committees make recommendations to the Board. Both the Board and Committee meetings are open to the public.

RDEK Board of Directors

 Electoral Area Directors
Name Area Phone Number Email
 Thomas McDonald Electoral Area A 250-278-5200 director.mcdonald@rdek.bc.ca
Stan Doehle Electoral Area B 250-278-7000 director.doehle@rdek.bc.ca
Rob Gay Electoral Area C 250-489-4242 director.gay@rdek.bc.ca
Jane Walter Electoral Area E 250-427-2577 director.walter@rdek.bc.ca
Susan Clovechok Electoral Area F 250-270-9314 director.clovechok@rdek.bc.ca
Roberta Schnider Electoral Area G 250-688-0314 director.schnider@rdek.bc.ca


Municipal Directors
Name Municipality Phone Number Email
Wayne Price Cranbrook 250-489-0200 wayne.price@cranbrook.ca
Norma Blissett Cranbrook 250-464-0933 norma.blissett@cranbrook.ca
Don McCormick Kimberley 250-908-4396 mayor@kimberley.ca
Mark Doherty Canal Flats 250-489-9717 mayor.doherty@canalflats.ca
Allen Miller Invermere 250-342-9281 mayor@invermere.net
Mike Gray Radium Hot Springs 250-341-7272 mayor@radiumhotsprings.ca
Nic Milligan Fernie 250-423-2233 nic.milligan@fernie.ca
David Wilks Sparwood 250-425-6819 mayor@sparwood.ca
Steve Fairbairn Elkford 250-865-4000 mayor@elkford.ca


 Appointments - Other Groups and Organizations

 Appointments - Standing Committee

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