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The RDEK email groups are separated by community to ensure you receive only the most relevant information.

Emails include things like emergency notifications (for things like flooding and wildfire), general information, project news, news releases (relevant to your area) and, for those on an RDEK water or sewer system, information on interruptions/upgrades for your water or sewer service. Once a month you will also receive the Board Meeting Highlights which provide an overview of some of the decisions of the Board.

It is important to note legal notices are never sent via email. Public hearing notices are listed on the meetings/notices page and are included in the Board Highlights each month.

To sign up for an email group, please fill in the form below. Fill in your email address and select the community you live / own property in.  If you live/own property in more than one area and want to be on more than one list, you can choose as many lists as you like; however, you may receive multiple emails if you are on multiple lists. You can unsubscribe at any time (note: if you unsubscribe, you will be removed from all lists).  If you live in a municipality, simply choose an email group closest to you - or choose no community list and hit subscribe to be on the more general distribution list (which will include highlights, widescale emergency notifications and region-wide news, but no community specific updates).

NOTE: this list is not for media purposes.  These are informational emails for residents and property owners. News releases will continue to be sent to media separately as news releases.

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