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The RDEK offers more than 100 services and has several different departments, including:

  • Building & Protective Services - Building Permits, Inspections, Bylaw Enforcement, Emergency Services (911, Fire, Emergency Programs)
  • Communications - Communications and Education Program (tours, classroom visits, education, fast facts), Website, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Corporate Services - Board Meetings and follow-up to Board decisions, Columbia Basin Trust Funding, Discretionary Grants in Aid, Elections, Street Lighting
  • Environmental Services - Waste Management (garbage, recycling, transfer stations, landfills), Parks and Recreation (Arenas), Airports, Invasive Plants, Mosquito Control
  • Engineering Services - Water, Sewer, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Finance - 5-Year Financial Plan, Billing
  • Planning & Development Services - Land Use Planning, Official Community Plans, Subdivision, Variances, Zoning



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