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Managed by Loree Duczek and supported by Communications Coordinators, Nathan Siemens, Lindsay McMahon and Communications Secretary Shaun Hunt. We like to think of this Department as the RDEK's Chief Storytellers. 

From creative school programs that see students up to their elbows making paper and singing the RDEK's one and only hit "The Yellow Bin Recycling Song" to tours of recycling facilities and landfills, presentations to community groups and organizations, email updates, emergency communications and social media blasts, our Communications team is focused on delivering personal, timely and engaging communications.

If you feel there's a story that needs to be told; if you are a teacher or educator interested in having the RDEK's curriculum based presentations in your class; if you are a recycler with a desire to learn more; or, if you or your organization is interested in setting up a tour of our recycling facilities or landfill, we'd love to hear from you.

Let the news come to you!

If you are not yet on one of our email groups, wait until you hear how easy it is to let the news come right to you.  Our email groups are sorted by geographic area /rural community. Email groups are not shared with third parties (they are for RDEK use only), and feature only information items.  No legal notices are sent via email.  So, what kinds of things can you expect to receive? Our monthly Board Meeting Highlights, information on programs or services in your Electoral Area, emergency information and a range of other great tidbits are sent to our email groups.  To sign up for one of our email lists, click here.

Being storytellers, we are social at heart. So, you can find us on social media too.  Our RDEK Facebook page is great year-round, but during emergencies like floods and forest fires, it's a valuable resource. Check us out at www.facebook.com/eastkootenay

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Cranbrook Office Phone: 250-489-2791

Cranbrook Office Toll Free Phone (BC/AB): 1-888-478-7335


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