Building Services

As part of the Development Services Department, the RDEK is responsible for the following building related services:

  • building, plumbing, moving and demolition permits, mobile home placement and inspections
  • bylaw enforcement
  • wood burning appliance permits and inspections

The Building Department works out of both the Cranbrook and Columbia Valley offices:

  • The Cranbrook Office looks after Electoral Areas A, B, C, & E. 
  • The Columbia Valley office looks after the Upper Columbia Valley, Electoral Areas F and G.

Contact us:


Cranbrook Office Phone: 250-489-2791

Cranbrook Office Toll Free Phone (BC/AB): 1-888-478-7335

Columbia Valley Office: 250-342-0063


Our Building Department Staff

(use general email above to contact):

Cranbrook Office:

  • Sanford Brown and Andrew McLeod, Development Services Manager
  • Kenley Barros, Building Supervisor
  • Steve Tersmette, Building Inspector
  • Tracy McGuire, Building Inspector
  • Ian Bolzenius, Building Inspector
  • Debbie Pighin, Compliance Officer
  • Corinna Penner, Building & Protective Services Secretary

Columbia Valley Office:

  • John Blakley, Building Inspector
  • Lisa Hitchman, Building & Protective Services Secretary

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