Download Building Permits

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Did you know a building permit is required for any structure over 10 m2 (107 square feet)?  Permits are required for a number of projects, including:

  • Dwelling units
  • Manufactured home placements and additions
  • Wood burning appliances and chimneys
  • Moving a building or structure
  • Demolition of a building or structure
  • Foundations
  • Accessory buildings
  • Garages
  • Farm buildings
  • Retaining Walls over 1.5 meters
  • Structural changes
  • Balcony (decks) construction and replacement
  • Construct or renovate a commercial, industrial or public use building
  • Accessory buildings greater than 10 m2 in building area that are sized in accordance with the applicable Regional District regulations.

The Application Process:

The first step is filling out the required permit:

You will need the legal description of the property, roll number and property identifier number.  A Title Search print dated no more than 30 days before you file your application is required for all building permit applications.  These are available online at  If requested, a Title Search can be obtained by the RDEK for a document fee of $15.00.

You will also have to submit a detailed plot plan indicating the location of the proposed building on the property, including:         

  • north arrow
  • lot lines with dimensions
  • location of proposed structure with distances indicated from each structure to each property line
  • access (roads, driveways)
  • all existing buildings on property including the square footage of each structures
  • distances from & elevations above all watercourses and/or waterbodies on or near the property (including creeks, springs, seasonal drainages, rivers, lakes, wetlands, ponds)

You will also be asked to provide two (2) sets of construction plans showing:

  • dimensions of building
  • scale
  • foundation details
  • floor plans showing
    • proposed use of each room
    • elevations
    • structural details
    • mechanical details
    • source of heating
    • building sections

One set of plans will be returned to you with our comments upon issuance of the permit.

Other Considerations:

  • Prior to issuance of a building permit for a dwelling unit or manufactured home placement, a copy of the sewerage system filings is required.  This can be obtained from a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP)/Installer.   For a list of certified practitioners visit the ASTTBC website:
  • Check with Ministry of Transportation regarding access at 250-426-1500.  Access permits are necessary if on a route numbered highway.
  • Contact the Licensing and Consumer Services Branch of BC Housing (if building a single family dwelling).  Either an Owner/Builder or Residential Builder (contractor) warranty and registration proof is required.  Building permits for single family dwellings cannot be issued without the appropriate forms from the Licensing and Consumer Services Branch of BC Housing.  Please check out their site at They can also be contacted at 1-800-407-7757.
  • Building permit applications will initially be reviewed by our Planning Department for things such as zoning, setbacks, lot coverage, height, development permit areas and flood regulations. For further information regarding requirements for your area, please visit the OCP, Zoning and Land Use Bylaw Page or contact our Planning Department. Once applications have been approved by our Planning Department, the Building Plans will be reviewed by our Building Inspectors. Upon approval from the Building and Protective Services Department, the applicant will be notified of the building fees.
  • Please remember all owners on title are to sign and date the Building Permit Application form.
  • Is your proposed new building close to a property line? Review our Fire Separation Guide which is intended to give you a heads-up on some requirements to help determine if its worth the extra cost and restrictions. Fire Separation Handout - Reducing damage caused by the spread of fire - click here.

Costs and Expiration of Permits:

Building permit fees are based on the estimated construction value.  Call our Building & Protective Services Department at (250) 489-2791 or 1-888-478-7335 or email [email protected] (Elk Valley, South Country, rural Cranbrook/Kimberley) or [email protected] (rural Columbia Valley) for details. The Columbia Valley office number is 250-342-0063.

Building permits are good for 2 years.  Renewed permits are good for one additional year at a cost of $75.00 or $2.00 per $1000.00 of the estimated value of the work to be completed.