Building Inspection

Ready for a Building Inspection?
Plan ahead. Please allow 72 hours when booking an inspection.

We have Building Inspectors at both our Cranbrook and Columbia Valley offices. The Cranbrook Office looks after Electoral Areas A, B, C, & E.  The Columbia Valley office looks after the Upper Columbia Valley, Electoral Areas F and G. Link to map of the RDEK.

To book an inspection, contact the Building Department Secretary and give the building permit number, address of the location of the work, permit holder’s name and type of inspection requested. 

The RDEK Weekly Building Inspection Schedule will list which inspector will be in each electoral area, and on what days.  A list of the building inpectors and their contact information may be found on this schedule as well.

Work that Needs to be Complete Prior to Booking an Inspection:

  • Foundation:  Once the tie holes are filled and the foundation coating, drain tile /rock / fabric are in place, before backfilling.
  • Underslab Plumbing:  Drain and vent groundwork is completed and is exposed for view.
  • Radon Piping:  Once the underslab collection system is in place, before covering over.
  • Framing:  Once the structure is fully erected with the roof sheathing in place (roof covering may also be installed).  Note:  All required Engineered documents relating to the floor / roof systems must be submitted to the office prior to this inspection being conducted.
  • Rough Plumbing:  Upon completion of the drain / vent and water supply lines.
  • Insulation:  Once all the exposed areas have been insulated and the vapour barrier is in place, prior to covering.
  • Prior to Occupancy:  This is a Safety Inspection.  Once the safety items are in place, i.e. handrails, guard rails, smoke detectors, useable / sanitary completed, washroom and food preparation area.  All Notice of Filing on Septics to be submitted to the office prior to inspection.
  • Final:  All interior and exterior work is completed.

For further information please contact either the Columbia Valley office (250) 342-0063 or the Cranbrook office (250) 489-2791 or toll free 1-888-478-7335. You can also email [email protected]

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