Making a Complaint

The RDEK's Bylaw Enforcement Program is complaint based. Complaints need to be made in writing and are kept confidential.

To make a noise or unsightly premise complaint, you can print off the appropriate form below, fill it out, and mail, fax, or email it to Compliance Officer Debbie Pighin.

For other complaints, please submit a letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Neighbour Find Out I'm Reporting Him/Her?
Many people are concerned about this issue.  Although complaints must be made in writing, all complaints are confidential. The Compliance Officer requires your contact information so he can follow up to get more details and keep you informed about the progress of a file. If you are concerned about your privacy, Debbie Pighin will be happy to take you through the process step by step.  

How Do I Know If You Can Help Me?
If you are having a problem that you think falls into one of the above categories, please email Debbie Pighin or call her at the RDEK office in Cranbrook at 489-2791 or toll-free 1-888-478-7335.  She will review your information and let you know whether or not there is anything the RDEK can do to assist you.

I'm Having a Problem With a Dog in My Neighborhood. Can You Help?
Noise from barking dogs falls under the Noise Control Bylaw in all areas of the Regional District. If you have a dog noise complaint please contact Debbie or fill out this form and email to  The Regional District also provides dog control services in Electoral Areas F and G.  The dog control officer for those areas is Damien Richard who can be contacted by phone at 250-341-7880 or by email at However, if you are having a problem with what you consider to be a vicious dog in any of the other electoral areas, contact Debbie to find about provincial legislation that allows the police to take action.


What Happens After I Make a Complaint?
Once a complaint has been submitted in writing, you will likely be contacted to confirm details. If the file requires the action of the Compliance Officer, she begins the process of trying to reach a resolution.  The most important step in the process is the first step which involves the public writing or faxing to bring the problem to our attention.  Our Compliance Officer can be e-mailed at or faxed at 250-489-1287. If you would like to talk to Debbie in person, contact the office at 489-2791 or 1-888-478-7335. All complaints remain confidential.

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