Planning & Development

Planning services are a key element of our Development Services Department's work and are aimed at supporting well thought-out, safe growth in our rural communities.  There are a number of factors that our staff take into consideration, including: quality of life, land use, sustainable development and environmental protection.

This is achieved through two different sections in our planning department: current applications and long range planning.

Current Planning:

Our Planning Technicians and Development Clerk assist residents, property owners, buyers and developers with "day to day" inquiries like zoning, variances, development permits, and land use regulations  in all of our Electoral Areas. During the summer months, an appointment can be booked in advance to meet with a Planning Technician at the Columbia Valley Office. The Planning Technicians process applications and provide recommendations to our Electoral Area Directors and the Board.

Long Range Planning:

Links to all of our active planning projects can be found on our RDEK Project Page

We have two Planners who work on our long range planning projects, such as: the Regional Sustainability Strategy, Official Community Plans, Zoning Bylaws, and more (such as our Agricutural and Lake Management Plans). 

One of the guiding documents for the Development Services Department is the Regional Sustainability Strategy.  The RSS is a regional vision that provides long range planning direction.

There are a number of applications and procedures that will help move people through a planning process.


To view OCP, Zoning and Land Use Bylaws, click on the "Bylaws" tab at the top of the screen or click on this link.

Our Planning Department Staff

(use general email below to contact):

    Michele Bates, General Manager of Development & Protective Services
    Karen Macleod, Planning Supervisor
    Tracy Van de Wiel, Planning Technician
    Krista Gilbert, Planning Technician
    Justin Cook, Planner
    Rory Stever, Planner
    Jenn Macdonald, Development Clerk 
    Rhiannon Chippett, Planning Assistant

Contact Us:

Email: [email protected]

Cranbrook Office Phone: 250-489-2791

Cranbrook Office Toll Free Phone (BC/AB): 1-888-478-7335

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