EK Integrated Lakes Management Partnership

For current reports and management guidance for East Kootenay Lakes please visit the Columbia Basin Water Hub at: https://data.cbwaterhub.ca/

The East Kootenay Integrated Lake Management Partnership (EKILMP) is a coalition of various agencies, local governments, First Nations and non-government organizations with joint responsibilities to protect lake ecosystems. The mandate of the partnership is to maintain the integrity of lake ecosystems for fish, wildlife, drinking water, heritage, recreation and aesthetic values. EKILMP develops science-based, coordinated management guidance for land and water uses associated with East Kootenay lakes.

What has EKILMP done?

EKILMP has contracted the development of a series of reports based on the Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM) protocols that are being developed in British Columbia for lakes in the East Kootenay region. Three reports are generally completed for each lake: Foreshore Inventory and Mapping (FIM), Fish and Wildlife Habitat Assessment and Shoreline Management Guidelines.

Foreshore Inventory and Mapping (FIM) is a project where GIS, GPS and field observation are used to identify and document the land uses (i.e. residential development), shoreline modifications (i.e. docks), and biophysical attributes (i.e. marshes) along the lake shoreline. The report identifies baseline inventory information that can assist with monitoring, the development of land management objectives for the shoreline and the development of management plans and policies.

The Fish and Wildlife Habitat Assessment reports are a result of a range of activities to assess the values associated with the habitat. Activities can include historical air photo analysis, fisheries, aquatic invertebrates and wildlife field assessments, aquatic habitat indexing and determination of zones of sensitivity for the lake foreshore. The result of the report is the identification of Ecological Value rankings and recommendations of future actions to be undertaken to provide direction for opportunities for conservation and restoration.

The Shoreline Management Guidelines are intended to be used as an initial step when reviewing, planning for, or prescribing alterations along the shoreline. The Guidelines are developed based on the information contained within the FIM and Fish and Wildlife Habitat Assessment reports for each lake. The Guidelines identify shoreline color zones, activity risk analysis and the process of proceeding with applications for works along the shoreline. The Guidelines are intended to result in cooperative management between all levels of government who have responsibility for approvals and permits and to provide direction to applicants when considering development along the foreshore.

Shoreline Video

Videos of shoreline for select lakes can be viewed here. After you have located the site, click the “task” button in the top right corner and using the drop down menus select which lake and which segment of the lake you want to view. Once the video window opens, you can enlarge it on your screen.

Available Reports and Mapping

Links to the reports and associated maps that have been completed to date are available from this page. Simply click on the links from the menu at the left.

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