Lake Windermere Management Plan

The Lake Windermere Management Plan (LWMP) was initiated by the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) in November 2008 to address lake‐related issues following the adoption of the Lake Windermere Official Community Plan (OCP). The District of Invermere was a partner in the process.

The LWMP contains information on the biophysical and social characteristics of Lake Windermere and its surroundings. The lake is highly valued by the public for its healthy environment, clean water, diverse year‐round recreation opportunities, sense of community, spiritual values, and as a primary economic driver for the region. Some of the major concerns about the lake include: habitat loss, water quality deterioration, motorized uses affecting human enjoyment and the environment, lack of public access to the lake, and the challenges of lake management.

The Lake Windermere Management Plan was adopted in February 2011. The RDEK and District of Invermere are currently working jointly on the implementation of the Plan.  Please click here to visit the LWMP Implementation page.

Lake Windermere Management Plan (text)

Map 1:  Air Photo

Map 2:  Foreshore Inventory

Map 3:  Soil Suitability

Map 4:  Flood & Torrent Hazards

Map 5:  Fish & Wildlife Habitat

Map 6:  Agricultural Land Reserve

Map 7:  Existing Water/Sewer Services & Water Sampling

Map 8:  Water Licences & Foreshore Tenure

Map 9:  Existing Marinas, Launches and Mooring Buoys

Map 10:  Public Access

Map 11:  Lake Boating and Use Plan

Map 12:  Winter Use Plan

Map 13:  Water Structures and Public Access Plan

Map 14:  Foreshore Management Plan

Map 15:  Upland Management Plan

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