Emergency Info

There are currently no active large-scale emergencies in the RDEK.

Emergency Preparedness - 2019

There are two unofficial “melt” seasons in the East Kootenay: the low elevation melt and the high elevation melt. With the warmer temperatures, the snow will soon be quickly disappearing around our homes and properties. This is the low elevation melt.  As temperatures warm up in the coming days and weeks, our risk of overland flooding increases. Overland flooding occurs because the ground is still frozen and can’t absorb the resulting runoff as the snow starts to melt at lower elevations.

In the mountains, snow pack is still accumulating. When this high elevation snow melts, it’s called the spring freshet. In the East Kootenay, freshet can happen from mid-April into June depending on conditions.

A critical element in being able to respond in emergency situations is being prepared BEFORE an emergency happens.  CLICK HERE to view the 2019 Seasonal Flood Preparedness Newsletter

Numbers to Call:

If you see - or are experiencing - wide-scale flooding, please report it.

  • FLOODING: 1-800-663-3456
  • FOREST OR WILDLAND FIRES: Cellphone: *5555 or 1-800-663-5555
  • OTHER (spills, airplane crashes, landslides, avalanche): 1-800-663-3456

During large-scale emergencies, the East Kootenay Emergency Information Line is activated.  The numbers will be posted on this page, on the RDEK's social media pages, and in the local media when the line is activated.


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