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There is localized flooding in Fairmont Hot Springs - CLICK HERE to view the flooding page.

Information related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is posted below.  To access the latest wildfire emergency updates or to see other general information, click on the links from this page.

COVID-19 Information:

The monitoring of, and response to, COVID-19 is being led by Local, Provincial and Federal Health Authorities (not local government).  It is important to make sure we rely on facts and have strong sources of information in our arsenal.

Regional Snapshots:

The snapshots provide a summary of the day's updates and announcements by the Provincial and Federal Governments, along with other regional information.

Current Week's Snapshots:

Older Snapshots:

COVID-19 Phone Numbers:

There are a number of information lines set up to assist people with COVID-19 Inquiries, including:

  • COVID-19 Information Line **FOR NON HEALTH INFORMATION** - 1-888-268-4319. Open seven days a week, from 7:30 am to 8 pm PST
  • 811 - dial 811 for COVID-19 and non-COVID health related information
  • 211 - seniors looking for support with groceries, medication pick up, other supplies (or volunteers willing to help seniors) can dial 211 or visit http://www.bc211.ca
COVID-19 Online Links:
To Report Other Emergencies:
  • FOREST OR WILDLAND FIRES: Cellphone: *5555 or 1-800-663-5555
  • OTHER (spills, airplane crashes, landslides, avalanche): 1-800-663-3456
  • FLOODING: 1-800-663-3456



General COVID-19 Information:
  • The extraordinary measures being taken to implement social distancing are aimed at collectively reducing or breaking the transmission of COVID-19. All local, provincial and federal health authorities are pleading with the public to ensure they implement social distancing, stay home when ill, and the follow other recommended personal hygiene guidelines.
  • The supply chains remain strong for our goods and services (such as groceries) in BC. The public is asked to avoid stockpiling/over purchasing to ensure all those who need access to supplies and groceries can get them. The stress we are seeing on the supply chain (like those empty shelves) is being caused primarily by people panic-buying. Please buy only what you need.
  • The Provincial Health Authority will only release case numbers by Health Authority - they will not provide more specific geographic informaiton (like East Kootenay or a specific community).  We all need to assume - and behave - as though it is in all of our communities (as it may be). We cannot be complacent.  We are located in the Interior Health Authority area.
RDEK Current Status
  • We are strongly urging the public to listen to the guidelines on social distancing and orders being issued by the Provincial and Federal health authorities
  • We have asked the health authorities to provide more detailed information on the location of confirmed cases; however, they are not - and have said they will not - be releasing that information.  We all need to assume - and behave - as though it is in all of our communities (as it may be). We cannot be complacent.  Should they change their position and provide more specific information, we will pass that along. 
  • Positive cases have been reported in Cranbrook, Invermere and Elkford, and a probable case has been reported in Canal Flats.
  • RDEK public hearings and information meetings have been postponed until further notice.
  • Our offices and facilities remain closed to the public and we have transitioned most of our work force to remote working, with continued efforts on this front.
  • Our Board Meetings will be proceeding; however, with some changes. Directors are being encouraged to call in via teleconference and the meetings will be livestreamed on YouTube so people can watch from the comfort of their homes. Click on the agendas page to see the meeting livestream links.
  • The Board has approved waiving utility due-date penalties to August 31st.  This will allow property owners to defer payment of utilities until August 31st without penalty.  
  • The RDEK has over 100 separate service areas providing a variety of services from mosquito control to water systems.  Each service is paid for by taxpayers within the service area and any operating surplus (or deficit) stays within that service.  For the most part the RDEK is operating business as usual.  We are still providing solid waste, water and sewer, fire protection, water/flood control, building inspection, planning services, etc.  and are incurring expenses to support those services.  A few staff have been partially allocated to various positions in the Emergency Operations Centre as support for the region in this event.   Some services, like solid waste, have seen increased use and a higher demand for service. We have postponed bringing back some of our seasonal workers and students (mostly in parks and recreation).  We are continuing to keep things at a certain level of maintenance so we can be ready for the public when the COVID 19 restrictions are loosened. We are keeping an eye on the services that rely partially on user fees and the timing of when they will be back to normal operations and will consider delaying projects, reducing staff levels as we have a better picture.  Approximately 95% of our staff are working remotely and Committee and Board meetings are being done remotely.  This is resulting in cost savings for meeting costs, office costs, training costs, etc.   Any savings will be allocated to the appropriate service through reduced expenditures and surplus, which will be used to alleviate taxation levels in 2021.  Regional Districts have legislated budget and tax requisition deadlines earlier than Municipalities.  The financial plan must be adopted by March 31st (we adopted Mar 6th) and tax requisitions must be sent out by April 10th and the Board meets once per month.  Therefore, the focus is on managing the best we can through this and using any surplus towards 2021. 

General Related Resources:

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