Emergency Info

The monitoring of, and response to, COVID-19 is being led by Local, Provincial and Federal Health Authorities (not local government).  It is important to make sure we rely on facts and have strong sources of information in our arsenal.

Regional Snapshots:

The snapshots provide a summary of updates on announcements by the Provincial and Federal Governments, along with other regional information.

Key Links:
  • COVID-19 Information Line **FOR NON HEALTH INFORMATION** - 1- 888-COVID19 (1-888-268-4319). The line is open seven days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST
  • 811 - dial 811 for health related information on COVID19
  • 211 - seniors looking for support with groceries, medication pick up, other supplies (or volunteers willing to help seniors) can dial 211 or visit http://www.bc211.ca
  • COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool & App - use this simple online tool to complete a self-assessment if you have symptoms of COVID19 or are wondering if you should be tested. The new app now includes updates and alerts as well.
  • BC Centre for Disease Control Latest Updates - an excellent resource. Bookmark and use this site.
  • Government of Canada - includes links to latest statistics, travel info and economic and financial supports available through the Federal Government
  • Province of BC Information Hub - includes links to Provincial supports for non-health information (childcare, travel advisories, employee/employer resources)
  • Interior Health Latest Updates
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Public Health Agency of Canada Information Line - 1-833-784-4397
General Information:
  • The extraordinary measures being taken to implement social distancing are aimed at collectively reducing or breaking the transmission of COVID-19. All local, provincial and federal health authorities are pleading with the public to ensure they implement social distancing, stay home when ill, and the follow other recommended personal hygiene guidelines.
  • The supply chains remain strong for our goods and services (such as groceries) in BC. The public is asked to avoid stockpiling/over purchasing to ensure all those who need access to supplies and groceries can get them. The stress we are seeing on the supply chain (like those empty shelves) is being caused primarily by people panic-buying. Please buy only what you need.
RDEK Current Status
  • We are strongly urging the public to listen to the guidelines on social distancing and orders being issued by the Provincial and Federal health authorities
  • We have asked the health authorities to provide more detailed information on the location of confirmed cases; however, they are not - and have said they will not - be releasing that information.  When asked about this today, Dr. Henry answered that the numbers are not important as we all need to assume - and behave - as though it is in all of our communities (as it may be). We cannot be complacent.  Should they change their position and provide more specific information, we will pass that along. 
  • Positive cases have been reported in Invermere and Elkford, and a probable case has been reported in Canal Flats.
  • RDEK public hearings and information meetings have been postponed until further notice.
  • Our offices and facilities remain closed to the public and we have transitioned most of our work force to remote working, with continued efforts on this front.
  • The April Board Meeting will be proceeding; however, with some changes. Directors are being encouraged to call in via teleconference and the meetings will be livestreamed on YouTube so people can watch from the comfort of their homes. More details to be announced soon on that front.
  • CBT Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs public input meetings have been cancelled; however, we are still looking for the public's input and feedback on this year's proposals. We will have a new project page on our engage.rdek.bc.ca site starting on March 25th and will be accepting comments on that page until Noon on April 8th.  The page will include the list of proposals for the public to view.

Evacuation Notification System

The RDEK has launched an Evacuation Notification System (ENS) powered by Voyent Alert! to keep residents and property owners informed in case of evacuation orders or alerts during critical events such as wildfires, floods or hazardous materials incidents. The notification system will only be used for evacuation alerts or orders in the East Kootenay and the sign-up process is simple. You do have to register for the app and enter at least one location to receive notifications.

  • To receive notifications via text or phone, registration is available online at: https://ca.voyent-alert.com/vras/register.html Choose “My Locations” from the menu to add locations.  Please make sure you enter at least one East Kootenay location when you register (such as your home, your property, your summer cabin).
  • For those who use a smart phone, there is also an app you can download to receive notifications via the app on your phone. The Voyent Alert! app can be downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play stores.
  • Important Note: when you are registering, you must enter at least one address/location in the East Kootenay in order to receive alerts.

This service is free and anonymous. It is available to all residents and property owners in the East Kootenay. Whether you live in a municipality, a rural area, or you own a second home here, you will receive a notification if you have subscribed and there is an evacuation alert or order affecting your chosen locations. Once signed up, you can choose to be notified via text/SMS, phone or alerts with the Voyent Alert! app. For email notifications of evacuation alerts/orders, please sign up for one of the RDEK's email groups. You will only receive evacuation alerts or orders that affect the locations you have added.

This system will ONLY be used for evacuation orders/alerts. To receive general information on emergencies, please sign up for one of the RDEK’s email groups (click here to sign up), follow our Facebook page or other social media, rely on local media or local municipal information sources. 

How to set your locations:

  1. Once logged in at https://ca.voyent-alert.com/vras/register.html  use the Add Locations button in the upper right and type in your location address
  2. You can move the map under Voyent / My locations and zoom into the area you want to place a pin.  You can either drag your home pin there; or, click, hold and release over top of where you want the new pin dropped, to create a new “my location pin”.


Fire Updates:

For the latest information on wildfires, fire bans or restrictions, visit http://www.bcwildfire.ca or contact the SE Fire Centre at 250-365-4040. 

To report a wildfire or smoke, call 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 (from a mobile phone).The information provided is from the BC Wildfire Service.


Numbers to Call:

Emergency Numbers to call:

  • FOREST OR WILDLAND FIRES: Cellphone: *5555 or 1-800-663-5555
  • OTHER (spills, airplane crashes, landslides, avalanche): 1-800-663-3456
  • FLOODING: 1-800-663-3456

During large-scale emergencies, the East Kootenay Emergency Information Line is activated.  The numbers will be posted on this page, on the RDEK's social media pages, and in the local media when the line is activated.

General Emergency Related Resources:

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