Daily Video Updates

We have produced a number of video updates. Many include educational tidbits that are relevant to everyone. Feel free to take a look by clicking the link to the video number.

  • Video 12: RDEK Info Officer Loree Duczek provides the last, brief video update on the Fire Season 2017
  • Video 11: Lamb Creek Fire Update with BCWS Info Officer Jameson Mailleux
  • Video 10 Update on the Lamb Creek fire, along with the Quinn and Soowa Mountain Fires. The Incident Command structure is also explained.
  • Video 9:   Update on the Lamb Creek fire, along with the Quinn and Soowa Mountain Fires.
  • Video 8:  Drought and Fire Behaviour - in this 5 minute video, Chief Information Officer for the BC Wildfire Service, Kevin Skrepnek explains the drought conditions in the East Kootenay and how that relates to fire behaviour. (September 13/17)
  • Video 7A: The Quinn Creek Fire and Soowa Mountain Fire (September 12/17) - BCWS Information Officer Donna MacPherson provides an update on the Quinn Creek Fire and Soowa Mountain Fire along with an explanation of what a trigger line is and what that term means.
  • Video 7B: The Lamb Creek & Weather Overview (September 12/17) - BCWS Information Officers Mike McCulley and Jameson Mailleux talk about the work on the Lamb Creek Fire today and look ahead to the weather.
  • Video 6:  Join BC Wildfire Info Officer Mike McCulley for an update on the planned successful burn off operation yesterday on Lamb Creek fire, an update on the weather and an overview on the Lamb Creek fire today. Plus, get an update on safety procedures for firefighters and learn about a few other key fires of note from BC Wildfire Info Officer Donna MacPherson. (September 11/17)
  • Video 5:  BC Wildfire Information Officer Mike McCulley talks about their fire strategy on the front lines of the Lamb Creek fire this afternoon and what all that smoke is about. Plus, Donna MacPherson gives an overview of some of the other fires of note in the region and explains the difference between a guard line, a control line and containment. (September 10/17)
  • Video 4:  In this edition, BC Wildfire Service Information Officers Mike McCulley and Donna MacPherson join us to give an update on the fire front today (Friday September 9/17)
  • Video 3: In this episode, BC Wildfire Service Information Officer Mike McCully talks about the wind and how it affects fire and provides an explanation of what an initial attack crew does. We've been getting lots of calls about donations, so we touch on that topic as well.  (September 8/17)
  • Video 2:  This is the second video in our series. In this episode, BCWS Info Officer Mike McCulley provides an overview of the fire situation around the East Kootenay, talks about the importance of weather and more. (September 7/17)
  • Video 1 BCWS Mike McCully introduces himself, provides some information on the Lamb Creek fire and fire fighting practices and talks about the weather over the next few days. This is the first in what will be an ongoing series. (September 6/17)


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