Possible Fire Service Expansion (Wardner, Bull River, Mayook)

Update - August 14, 2017

The petition of the property owners within the Wardner, Mayook and Bull River areas to expand fire protection services to the area was signed by the owners of 22% (103 of 458) of the parcels representing 16% ($20,282,261 of $123,189,852) of the net taxable value of all land and improvements within the proposed service area.

The petition failed to meet the statutory requirement so was rejected as insufficient.  Fire protection services will not be expanded to this area.

We have had many inquiries from residents asking for some kind of fire protection service for the Wardner, Bull River and Mayook areas.

In April, we held an Open House and information session and took comments and feedback from the community over several weeks.  There was enough interest shown for us to continue to refine the propsal.  This was followed by a second information meeting in June.

A petition process is now underway. The petition deadline is 4:30 PM July 17, 2017.

Information Package

How Does the Petition Work?

(a)  If you SUPPORT the proposed project and want the RDEK to move forward:

  • Sign and date the enclosed petition (on the peach coloured paper).
  • Make sure you have your signature witnessed
  • Return the petition to the RDEK by Monday, July 17, 2017. The petition must be to the RDEK no later than 4:30pm on July 17.

(b)  If you DO NOT support the proposed project:

  • Do nothing. Only fill out and submit a petition form if you support the project.

Note: An un-returned petition is a NO


If you have questions or require further information, here are some key resources:

Fire Service Questions:
Travis Abbey, Emergency Services Coordinator
Ph: 250-489-2791    Email: tabbey@rdek.bc.ca

Finance/Taxation Questions:
Holly Ronnquist, Chief Financial Officer
Ph: 250-489-2791     Email: hronnquist@rdek.bc.ca

Petition/Elector Assent Questions:
Shannon Moskal, Corporate Officer
Ph: 250-489-2791     Email: smoskal@rdek.bc.ca

Volunteer Firefighter Questions:
Dave Boreen, Jaffray Fire Chief
Ph: 250-429-3133     Email: dboreen@rdek.bc.ca

General / Political Questions:
Rob Gay, Electoral Area C Director
Ph: 250-489-4242     Email: rob11gay@gmail.com


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