Sewer Systems

The RDEK manages the sewer systems for residents of Edgewater and Holland Creek (Lakeview Meadows). We do not control or licence in-ground septic facilities.  Anyone with inquiries on these facilities should contact their local Public Health Officer.

System Highlights:

The Baltac Sewer Collection System is owned by the RDEK and operated by Windermere Water and Sewer Company. The sewage collected by the Baltac system is treated at Windermere Water and Sewer Company’s sewage treatment lagoons. 

Holland Creek (Lakeview Meadows)
The RDEK collects the sewage, which is then treated at the Kinbasket Sewage Treatment Plant.

The RDEK owns and operates the sewage collection and treatment system in Edgewater.

Please note:  We would like to remind those residents with homes on the low pressure sewer system (homes with individual sewer pumps) to please flush plenty of water through your system prior to vacating the home for an extended period of time.  This practice will prevent sewer odour from forming and releasing upon initial use after sitting idle for weeks or months.

For more information on the flushing program, contact:
Tom Altmann, Utility Superintendent
250-342-0063 or


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