Utility Billing & Account Information

All utility billing for the Regional District of East Kootenay is completed quarterly for our Water and Sewer Systems. You can find out more about fees for each system here:

Utility Bills are typically sent out in January, April, July, and October. 

New Owner Information

If you have recently purchased a property that has a RDEK Water or Sewer Service our system will be updated with your information and a utility bill will be mailed to you. We cannot add any information until land title changes have been finalized. Please wait two weeks after closing to reach out and confirm your information. 

If you have not received a bill, as noted on the billing schedule above, please contact our Cranbrook Office. 

Receiving your Bill

Utility Bills are all mailed unless you sign up for e-billing. In order to sign up for e-billing you will first need a paper copy of your utility bill with an access code. This will be at the top of your Utility Statement. You can then sign up for e-billing here: MyRDEK Registration

If you have not received a bill, as noted on the billing schedule above, please contact our Cranbrook Office.

Paying your Bill

Payment options for utility bills include:

  1. RDEK Office 
    Bills can be paid for at either RDEK Office with Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cash, or Cheque. 
  2. Over the Phone
    You can call either RDEK office and pay for your utility bill over the phone with Visa or MasterCard
  3. Online Banking
    Every bank is different but you can search for the Regional District of East Kootenay as a Payee and enter your Utility Account Number.
  4. Automatic Withdrawal
    Use this form to request automatic withdrawal from a bank account for utility bills: Utility Prepayment Form
Water Meter Information

The following systems have water meters:

  • East Side Lake Windermere
  • Edgewater
  • Holland Creek
  • Rushmere
  • Spur Valley

For more information on your water meter please see the following guide:  How to Read and Interpret Your Water Meter

Connections in the Elko and Moyie water systems are unmetered. 

Common Letters and Notices – Metered Accounts

Once we have read water meters before utility billing, we may send out notices. 

Zero Consumption

A zero consumption notice means the water meter has not recorded any water consumption since the last meter read.

Continuous Flow

A continuous flow notice means that water has been noted as running continuously over a certain period. This could be 3 days up to the entire period between the two water meter reads. This could indicate a small leak somewhere in your house such as a toilet. 

Water Meter Deficiency

A water meter deficiency notice means we had issues with getting an accurate water meter reading. Please contact our office to schedule an inspection.

For more information on connections, meters and user fees, or to arrange to have your water turned on or off, please contact the Engineering Services Department at 250-489-6902 or email at [email protected]a

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