Windermere Water System

The RDEK will be doing it's annual water system flushing for the Windermere area between September 4 - October 11, 2019. Users in the area may notice temporary water discoloration for a short period of time. If there is any discoloration of water, please run your cold water taps until the water is clear. For more information of the flushing program, contact Norm Thies, RDEK Senior Operator or 1-250-342-0063

Windermere’s water is drawn from Lake Windermere and pumped from the Lake Pumping Station to the Water Pumping Station located beside the Windermere Public Beach. During this transfer, it is disinfected with chlorine gas and pumped again to the distribution system and across Highway 93/95 to a 1250m3 concrete reservoir. The water in the reservoir is then sent into the distribution system and ultimately to customers. This process is monitored using instrumentation and alarm dialers to notify the operators when a problem occurs. These sites are frequented 5 days per week and processes are verified and recorded.

The RDEK is looking at improving water quality in Windermere. For more information on the project, please click on the Windermere Water Upgrade & East Side Lake Windermere Project

Click here for contact information and water turn on/off. 

Windermere Water System Reports:

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