Windermere Water Upgrade & East Side Lake Windermere Project

Windermere Water Upgrade & East Side Lake Windermere Project is underway.  There are various components to the project, including:

  • Purchase of Parr Utilities’ assets - complete
  • Connecting the Windermere townsite water system to the existing Parr water system
  • Modifying the Water Treatment Plant’s SCADA system to work with the RDEK’s existing network
  • Fire hydrant and watermain upgrades in the Windermere townsite area

Current Project Update:

February 6, 2019

The Windermere Treated Water Project continues to move forward.  Tender documents have been posted for contractors and construction is expected to start in April (weather permitting).  With the Strategic Priorities Funding received, the project includes upgrades within the community as well as the connection to the Water Treatment Plant.  Within the community, the main areas that will be affected by construction include:

  • Sinclair Ave, from Government St to North St,
  • North St, from Sinclair Ave to Wood Lane,
  • Lane between Selkirk St & Government St, from Swansea Ave to Victoria Ave,
  • Lane between Government St & Kootenay St, from Swansea Ave to Victoria Ave, and
  • Victoria Ave, from the lane between Government St & Kootenay St to the lane between Kootenay St & North St.

CLICK HERE to view the primary construction map. More details will follow as a contractor is selected and the schedule is firmed up.


If you have questions in the meantime, please contact Elizabeth Ahlgren, RDEK Project Supervisor at, 1-888-478-7335 or (250) 489-2791)

Past Updates:

July 12, 2018: New Timeline Being Worked On

The RDEK received approval last week on how to deal with the historical trail that exists on the property with the Parr Utility water treatment plant.   The RDEK is currently reviewing the timeline to set a new purchase closing date and we hope to know more within the next few weeks.  We will continue to keep you updated as we get that next piece figured out.

May 2018: Project Delayed
Link to News Release

May 2018: East Side Fees and Regulation Bylaw
At their May meeting, the RDEK Board of Directors adopted the East Side Lake Windermere Water Fees and Regulation bylaw.  See our Water System Servicing Fee Bylaws page for the most up to date Fees bylaws.

March 2018: Gas Tax Strategic Priority Fund grant approved
News Release - Windermere Water Upgrade Project Receives $6 million in funding
“The Province of BC has just announced the projects approved for funding through the Federal Gas Tax Fund and the Windermere Water Project has received $6 million in funding.
Today’s announcement will have a huge impact on the Windermere Water Upgrade project. RDEK Chair Rob Gay and Vice Chair Wendy Booth will now begin working with staff to determine how the funds will be used to complete critical infrastructure upgrades and reduce the overall tax impact for property owners on the Windermere Water Upgrade project.
To see all projects funded through this intake, visit:
We will provide the community with more detailed information once we have more specifics on how this amazing news will impact the project; however, we wanted to share this information with you right away as it has JUST been announced.”

February 2018: Engineering Contract Awarded
At their February meeting, the RDEK Board of Directors awarded the engineering services contract for the Windermere Water Upgrade Project to WSP Canada Inc.

October 2017: Community Vote
Final Voting Results - Windermere Water Upgrade / East Side Lake Windermere Service
Windermere Water Upgrade: YES 117  / NO 34
East Side Lake Windermere Water Service Establishment:  YES 162 / NO 36
These results have now been declared official by the Chief Election Officer.

Background Information on Community Vote:

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