Parks and Recreation

The RDEK operates three Regional Parks, a number of Electoral Area parks, trails, an arena and an Exhibition Ground.

The parks system dates back to the 1970's when the RDEK acquired Crown Land at Wycliffe and Tie Lake for development as public parks. Over the years, other parks, trails, ballparks and arenas have been added for the public to enjoy. From large sports fields to bocce pits, ice skating to bocce and baseball, there is something for everyone.

The photo gallery on this page (coming soon) features images from around the region and highlights the amazing recreational venues we have here in the RDEK.  Challenge yourself to get out and explore everything this area has to offer!

Event Calendars:

RDEK Parks Opening & Closing Dates

Wycliffe Park - April 15 - October 15 annually
Elk Valley Park - May 1 - September 15 annually
Tie Lake Park - May 1 - to September 30 annually



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