Crossroads Ballpark

The RDEK will be postponing seasonal openings of our parks due to the Covid-19 situation.
Across the entire region, signage is being posted at all of our parks and trails regarding facilities/amenities being closed (such as picnic tables, picnic shelters, washrooms and playground structures which vary depending on the specific park or trail).  If individuals choose to visit a green space for walking, we are urging them to abide by all physical distancing guidelines, and there should be no group gatherings of any size. 

Located in Athalmer, Crossroads Regional Ballpark has three softball fields and one baseball diamond, with plenty of spectator seating and parking. There are outhouses on site and a concession stand which is available for rental, making it a great location to host local ball tournaments.

User Fees

Here is a link for an insurance option,

Booking Information:

To book the facility, contact the RDEK office in Cranbrook at 250-489-6900 or 1-888-478-7335 or email

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