Windermere Beach


As the temperatures are fluctuating just above and below freezing, ice is beginning to form and is very thin and unpredictable across the region, including Lake Windermere.
It is critical that the public use extreme caution and stay off local lakes and waterways until we've had a sustained cold snap.
Even then, it is important to test ice thickness when entering an ice-covered lake or water body and to remember that ice thickness on large ice surfaces like Lake Windermere can vary greatly. It is recommended all recreationalists planning to venture out onto the also carry Ice Picks and know the basics of self-rescue. 

The Canadian Red Cross recommends ice be a minimum of 5” thick before it is safe to skate on or 7” for groups of people. Ice that is either blue or black is strongest and any ice that is opaque or white may not be safe to walk on, even if it is 5" thick. To learn more or access more ice safety tips, CLICK HERE.

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Located on the shores of Lake Windermere, this beach is a favourite summertime hangout for locals and tourists alike. With a large beach and swimming area, a children's playground, picnic tables and washroom facilities, it's the perfect getaway on a hot summer day.

The beach is located at the end of Selkirk Street in the community of Windermere.

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