Development Permit Area - Procedures and Application Information

A Development Permit Area (DPA) is a set of development policies and guidelines pertaining to a specific area in an Official Community Plan. In general, for properties located within a Development Permit Area, a Development Permit must be obtained prior to applying for a building permit, subdividing land, or engaging in land altering activities.

In recent years there has been an increased integration of Development Permit Areas in RDEK Official Community Plans for concerns such as form and character, environmentally sensitive areas, hazardous conditions, and greenhouse gas emissions. The result of these Development Permit Areas is that more property owners may need to obtain Development Permits prior to the issuance of building permits.

Development Permit Procedures & Application Form

Wildfire Hazard DP Procedures and Application Form

Shoreline DP Procedures & Application

Development Permit Areas in Specific Official Community Plan Areas

Development Permit Areas Frequently Asked Questions

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