Jaffray Area Official Community Plan Planning Process

The RDEK has been working on the Jaffray & Elko Area Official Community Plan (OCP) planning process since September 2015.  The goals of the process were to update the land use policy and zoning regulations in the Jaffray, Tie Lake, Rosen Lake Land Use Bylaw and introduce land use policy and zoning for the Galloway and Elko areas.   We have been working with an Advisory Group and community members to work towards these goals.   Over the last two years, the RDEK has hosted community planning workshops and open houses, met with stakeholders and held Advisory Group meetings.  Each of these activities has worked towards gaining an understanding of the community’s vision for the future.
A draft Jaffray & Elko Area OCP and zoning regulations were presented to the community in April 2017. The community was requested to review the two documents and consider whether or not they reflected their vision of the future. In consideration of the feedback received in July 2017, a decision was made by the RDEK Board of Directors to change the scope of the process to exclude the communities of Galloway and Elko.  The exclusion included the Burton Lake and Silver Springs areas to the east of Jaffray.

A revised OCP and amended zoning bylaw was presented in September 2017.  A final comment period was held to allow for comments on the revised drafts.   The Bylaws entered the formal Bylaw process and a public hearing was authorized and held in late November. 

On Friday, December 1st, the RDEK Board voted not to proceed with the adoption of the bylaws.  CLICK HERE to view the full news release.

The OCP process has now concluded.  The Jaffray, Tie Lake, Rosen Lake Land Use Bylaw No. 1414 remains in effect for the Jaffray area.  The Land Use Bylaw can be viewed here.

Contact Information

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Phone: 250-489-0313
Toll free 1-888-478-7335
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Stan Doehle, Electoral Area B Director


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