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Fuel Spill - Jaffray Area - Updates

Latest Update: March 24, 2023

This is the latest update from the Ministry of Environment on the remediation efforts on the recent diesel fuel spill in Jaffray:

  • Efforts remain ongoing to recover diesel and water contaminants from the recovery trench, which is designed to effectively recover contaminants via surface water infiltration through the soil.
  • From the soil sampling and delineation that has been completed, it has been determined that the majority of diesel was contained within the top 0.5m of the soil.
  • At this time, sampling has shown no significant impacts on the aquifer or residential drinking water wells.
  • The Responsible Party and Environmental Consultant (Stantec) are continuing to work with the Ministry for the proposed discharge of treated, clean water from the recovery trench into nearby river. Discharge will not occur until approval is given from the Ministry and an applicable Qualified Professional.
  • A concrete timeline for finishing remediation is unknown; however, will be provided as part of a Remediation Plan. This Plan is in development and is expected to be provided to the Ministry soon.

Latest Update: March 2, 2023

This is the latest update from the Ministry of Environment for the week of March 1st:

  • Collection and removal of diesel contaminants from the recovery trench. A water sample was collected to assess water quality. Results are pending.
  • Continued monitoring well installation/bore hole drilling program. Installation of monitoring wells was not completed due to insufficient subcontractor equipment. An alternate drilling subcontractor will continue their installation on March 4th and 5th.
  • The results from the soil samples collected so far from the monitoring well installation/bore hole drilling program are expected March 4th.  
  • Stantec is working with the Ministry of Environment to determine the feasibility of a water treatment system on site to support the return of clean water back into the natural system to limit impacts on the groundwater levels and river flows. 

Update from February 28, 2023:

  • Collection and removal of diesel contaminants from the recovery trench continues. The recovery trench was extended to the south, to include the location of the observation hole/pit where contaminants were observed.
  • Snow and ice impacted, or potentially impacted, from around the tank farm was collected. 
  • Transport of excavated, contaminated soil to the Secure Energy landfill in Pincher Creek, AB continues. 
  • Collection of water samples from the remaining residences will continue when residents can be contacted. Homeowners that reached out to the RDEK requesting sampling on their properties will be contacted by Stantec to discuss the sampling program and secure approval for sampling. 
  • Stantec contacted homeowners who had previously participated in potable water sampling to provide them with the results. 
  • An assessment of underground utilities was completed in preparation for the installation of monitoring wells on February 28 and 29.
  • The Remediation Plan is to be prepared after the receipt of the results collected from the monitoring well installation and subcontractor responses for quotes.

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Background Info:

  • The spill was first reported Saturday February 11, 2023 at a service station in Jaffray.
  • The Provincial Environmental Emergency Program (which is part of the Ministry of Environment) is responsible for responding to - and overseeing response actions for - all hazardous materials spills in BC. They are the lead agency.
  • Approximately 12,000 litres of diesel fuel escaped in the spill.

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