Evacuation Alerts & Orders

Evacuation ORDERS

No Evacuation Orders are in effect at this time

Evacuation ALERTS

1. Fairmont Creek / Cold Spring Creek - Fairmont Hot Springs Area - PARTIAL RESCIND - June 4, 2021

The Evacuation Alert for Fairmont Creek remains in effect. The Evacuation Alert has been rescinded for Cold Spring Creek.

  • CLICK HERE to view the Partial Rescind Evacuation Alert (Note: The Alert remains in effect for Fairmont Creek)
  • Click here to view the Evacuation Alert area for Fairmont Creek 
  • Click here to view the map of the rescind area on Cold Spring Creek area 

2. Hoodoo Mountain Resort (Dutch Creek) - EVACUATION ALERT ISSUED - June 4, 2021

An Evacuation Alert has been issued for the Hoodoos Mountain Resort, located at 5398 Hwy 3/95 due to flooding of Dutch Creek.  The purpose of this Alert is to prepare people within the Alert area so that they take steps to be ready in the event an evacuation order is issued and they have to leave on a moment's notice.

3. Spruce Grove Campground, Fairmont Hot Sprigs - EVACUATION ALERT ISSUED - June 6, 2021

The Evacuation Order for Spruce Grove Campground and RV Resort, located at 5398 Hwy 3/95, has been downgraded to an Evacuation ALERT. Residents and campers in the Resort should remain ready and prepared to evacuate should conditions worsen once again. 

States of Local Emergency

  • A State of Local Emergency has been declared in the community of Fairmont Hot Springs in Electoral Area F due to the potential for flooding. Click here to view the State of Local Emergency.

To view the latest emergency information updates CLICK HERE

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