Windermere Fire


Volunteer … it’s the experience of a lifetime.


Columbia Valley Fire & Rescue is now recruiting and seeking both men & women of all ages to join our Windermere Fire Department.It’s flexible, family-friendly, and fun!

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Why Volunteer?

Well, the first and probably most common response is "to help those in need." However, there are other advantages to becoming part of your local department, including:

  • Training - as a member of our Volunteer Fire Department, you will have access to training on everything from Structural Fire Protection to Ice and Water Rescue.
  • Team - if you are someone who enjoys the reward and challenge of being part of a team, fire services may be for you
  • Community - as a member of the Fire Department, you are involved in a range of community activities.
  • Reward - being a firefighter is a rewarding, fulfilling experience.  Are you ready to fill our boots?



Firefighter and First Responder

We are looking to fill trainee positions at this time. As a trainee you will report to the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, and Battalion Training Officer or Senior Officer as applicable. Most training will be provided at the Fire Department’s expense, and coordinated by the department’s Training Officer.

Operational Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend 48 hours of training in a 12 month period;
  • Pass the RDEK fire department core training program;
  • If pursuing a First Responder position, hold the First Responder qualifications
  • Answer telephone calls, radio transmissions, assist with dispatching proper apparatus, equipment and personnel;
  • Operate all fire and emergency service vehicles and equipment, as required;
  •  Maintain all equipment, vehicles and facilities as directed or required;
  • Work on a variety of assigned projects and provide reports, input computer data, filing ;
  • Participates in public education and public relation functions as required or assigned;
  • Adheres to WCB regulations, OH & S regulations and promotes a safe working environment;
  • Performs other duties and accepts responsibilities as delegated or required by circumstance.


In order for recruits to begin the interview process, they must:

  • be 18 years of age;
  • have completed Grade 12 or equivalent;
  • possess the mental and physical health to adequately perform the duties of a firefighter;
  • hold a valid BC drivers license and be capable of obtaining a Class 3 with air brake endorsement;
  • be able to obtain First Aid Certification – First Responder Level 3, AED with spinal endorsement.

Hiring Process

Upon receipt of an application package, and confirmation of the pre-requisite requirements, the applicant will be required to meet for an interview with the Fire Chief and/or Chief Officers.


Background Check

A comprehensive background check is conducted to establish evidence of good moral character, a well-adjusted personality, community commitment, and a pattern of conduct acceptable to the CV Rural Fire and Rescue Services.


For more information, please call 250-342-6214 – or contact by email:

Jim Miller, Fire Chief – Columbia Valley

Drew Sinclair, Deputy Fire Chief – Columbia Valley (Windermere/Fairmont)

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