RDEK Adjusts Plans in Light of ALC Decision

The Agricultural Land Commission’s (ALC) decision to deny the Regional District of East Kootenay’s subdivision application for land containing the Parr Utilities Water Treatment Plant has prompted the RDEK to adjust its plans, but the project remains on track.

“We had submitted an application to the ALC to subdivide the land so that the RDEK could own both the water treatment plant and the land it sits on. The ALC has denied our application, but has conditionally approved a long-term lease for the land,” explains RDEK Electoral Area F Director and Vice Chair Wendy Booth. “Our focus right now is on working with the property owner to negotiate the terms of a lease agreement and gaining final approvals so we can continue to move the project forward.” 

Although the ALC decision changes the original plan, the RDEK remains committed to working within the new parameters to keep the project on track and meet the terms of the purchase agreement.

“While not our preferred option, the long-term lease will provide some certainty with regard to the land and will not change our ability to own and operate the water treatment plant itself,” adds Booth.  Staff are now working on the lease agreement and adjusting other aspects of the project caused by this setback.

The RDEK hopes to take over ownership of the plant at the end of May.