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About Our Meetings

Our Board meets each month and all the meetings are open to the public.  Generally our Board Meetings are the second Friday of the month at they start at 9:00am in the Board Room at the RDEK office in Cranbrook. 

The Thursday immediately before the Board Meeting, we hold Committee Meetings. During these meetings, several agenda items are discussed by the Directors who have been appointed to the different Committees and resolutions are voted on.  The decisions made by the Committees on Thursday come forward to the full Board of Directors during the Friday Board Meeting for a final decision.  Simply put, the Committees make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Committees don't make final decisions, just recommendations.  If you attend a Committee Meeting on a Thursday, the recommendation of the Committee does not necessarily reflect what the Board's final decision will be the following day.

To view the current agendas (or look back at past ones), click here.

Want to know who sits on the Committees? Or who represents you on the Board?  Check out the Board page.

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