Audio / visual aids

The RDEK has a lectern, audio and video system.  We can accommodate:

  • PowerPoint and Adobe presentations
  • DVD presentations
  • Some embedded video - please note: every video uses a different codec and we have no way of knowing whether we have the same codecs loaded on our system that you have on yours. If you have embedded videos in your presentation, please send the file to in advance to ensure compatibility. If we do not have compatible codecs, the video files will not work.

We also have some limited bulletin board space and portable easels should you wish to display maps or drawings. Please ask for the use of easels in advance so we can ensure they are available.

If you wish to provide handouts for the Board, please contact to determine how many copies you will need. Generally, 25 copies will be enough for the entire Board and staff.  If you have provided a copy of your presentation more than one week in advance, it will be part of the Director's agenda package and they will not need copies of it (as they can follow along on their monitors during your presentation).



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