Who can attend

All of our Board and Committee Meetings are open to the public. The only time meetings go into closed sessions is when issues related to personnel, contracts, or legal issues are discussed.

Committees meet on the Thursday immediately before Board. The Committtees make recommendations to the Board.  The times and Committee meetings vary each month, but are posted the Friday before the Board Meetings.

The RDEK Board generally meets the first Friday of each month (there are a few exceptions), beginning at 9:00 am.

The RDEK Board and Committee agendas are posted on the Friday before each Board Meeting. The amended agendas, which reflect late or changed items, are posted on the Tuesday before Board.  The agendas can be viewed from the links at the top left of this page. They do take some time to download, so please be patient. If you download the "zipped file" to your desktop, it will download faster.

If you would like to speak at an RDEK or Committee Meeting, the requests must be made in advance. Please visit the "How to Request to be a Presenter" link at the left to learn more.


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